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KNIFE SKILLS - Increase your confidence in the kitchen instantly as you learn how to choose and use knives like a pro 



BREAKFAST/BRUNCH BASICS AND BEYOND – If you are tired of having a bagel or cereal for breakfast and ready to learn some exciting breakfast/brunch dishes, this series of classes is for you.    You will learn to make perfect Eggs Benedict, quiches, frittatas, crepes, and many more



CHEESE TASTING – Learn about different varieties of cheeses and accompaniments.  Don’t forget  - this is a BYOB class



POULTRY BOOT CAMP - We will focus on dividing a whole bird into parts, trussing, roasting, pan searing, braising, and making pan sauces



ORGANIC COOKING FOR NEW MOMS - You will learn to prepare fresh and delicious dishes for your little ones



SPICE UP YOUR LIFE- Do you find yourself using the same spices over and over again?   We will teach you to add some new sparkle into your old and tried dishes



SOUPS - Nothing hits the spot like a warm bowl of soup. We’ll review the basics of creating a classic stock and prepare a variety of soups to have on hand for the cold weather ahead

APPETIZERS GALORE - Wow your guests with these elegant, easy to prepare appetizers/hors d’oeuvres. Once they taste just right, we’ll practice plating techniques and garnishes that will be sure to make your next party a hit 



COUPLES COOK – Travel around the world as we explore international cooking secrets and discover most popular dishes from Italy, France, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, and others



EASY DINNERS - You will never need to order out anymore!   You will learn to prepare easy, delicious and nutritious meals in 30 minutes or less



RISOTTO - Risotto is the epitome of Italian home cooking.  Learn to make creamy, mouthwatering risottos.   After you master the basic skills, you will be able to create your own recipe variation and become a risotto master  



THANKSGIVING 101 - Thanksgiving dinner may seem like a monumental task but fear no more.   You will learn to tackle that bird like a pro, while making delicious sides.  



THANKSGIVING SIDES AND DESSERTS - Whether you want to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner or give it a modern twist, this class is for you. We will prepare a variety of Thanksgiving “extras” that will have your family asking for seconds




COOKIES - You won't need that frozen cookie dough anymore!  Come join us for this fun cookie baking class to learn how to make delicious homemade cookies from scratch.  


     ....and many many more 



We will offer a variety of workshops on specific dishes.    Let us know what classes you would like to attend, and we will try our best to bring them to you.    





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