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Green Apron Kitchen’s Girl Scout Cooking Programs


90 minute program


Virtual $120 for up to 10 participants. $10 for each additional participant.

In Person: $25 per person (10 person class minimum)


Program Time: Up to 90 minutes. The recipe(s) is/are designed to take about one hour to complete in a group setting, with time worked in for arrival, departure, recipe troubleshooting, questions, games, etc.  All in person participants receive chef hat to decorate! Virtual participants receive private zoom link and virtual invite with recipe needs. 


Menu: These menus are ideal for the Brownie Snack Badge,  Junior Simple Meals Badge, Baking Badge, Pizza Party Badge, Decorating Badge, healthy Eating Badge, I love to Bake badge, Smores badge, 

  • Cookie making and decorating  

  • Donut making and decorating  

  • Cupcake making and decorating 

  • Carrot muffins/cake

  • Banana bread/muffins

  • Zucchini bread

  • Pizza Making (dough lesson included)

  • Tacos/Quesadillas

  • Smores Cupcakes


2-2.5 Hour Program

Fee: Virtually  $15 per student, in person $45 per person


Let your taste buds travel the world as you cook up four dishes from new places. Discover culinary possibilities as diverse as the people who cook them. These menus will also focus on the importance of eating locally, how it helps the environment and supports local farmers. For the dinner party badge, try on a chef’s apron as you throw a great dinner party, bring people together, and practice creating multiple courses with finesse and flair.


These menus are ideal for Cadette New Cuisines Badge, Senior Locavore Badge,  Mommy & Me Tea Party: 


  • Burgers (veggie, turkey and beef) and Fries (potato fries and veggie fries) workshop 

  • Asian style Dumpling and noodles

  • French crepe making

  • French eclair making

Ambassador Dinner Party Badge!  Three Hours, $55 per person , includes badge and beverages
  • Moroccan feast: chicken tagine with olives, hummus, homemade pita bread

  • Italian dinner: homemade pasta and tomato sauce, Italian biscotti

  • A trip to Spain: Veggie Paella, Olive tapanade  and olive oil muffins

  • Visit Ireland: Irish soda bread , Shepherd’s pie , Grasshopper milkshakes

  • French feast: Chicken Paillard, Herb Roast Potatoes, Crepes suzette

  • Tea Party : Scones, muffins and homemade infused tea ($65 for mother/daughter pair)

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