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Buying Chicken: what to look for

More than 99% of the chicken consumed in America is one of two breeds — the Cobb 500 or the Ross 308.

These bow-legged and sickly chickens are cheap and easy to grow, but the meat doesn’t have as many omega-3s and breasts are prone to a woody texture.

The white striping is a sign of poor quality meat.

It is caused by changing the genetics of the chicken in an effort to grow chickens too big, too fast.

According to the USDA, all chicken meat is “antibiotic-free.” If an antibiotic is used on the farm, federal rules require the antibiotics to have cleared the animals’ systems before they can be slaughtered. Unfortunately, less than 1% of commercial birds are tested...

So what do you do?

Know what you’re looking for. Search for meat with minimal to no white striping or excess fat.

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