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Hot Cocoa Bomb Molds

Ready to hop on the hot cocoa bomb trend? Green Apron Kitchen is here to help. From virtual classes to molds that work, we have all the info you need.

Social media has a new favorite dessert, and it’s ideal for the cold nights at home during our second quarantine. Hot chocolate bombs have taken over TikTok, Instagram and even Pinterest. The beauty of a homemade hot cocoa bomb is that you can stuff it with whatever treats you like. Think marshmallows, sprinkles, edible gold dust, more chocolate...We have to admit, the best part is the pouring of steamed milk on top of the molded ball of chocolate and watching it transform. Not only are chocolate bombs a fun, interactive way to enjoy the chocolate-y beverage, but they’re also surprisingly easy to make. A must have: a sphere shaped mold.

Of all the hot cocoa bomb molds we've used, this is our favorite. We like that it is silicone, making for easier shell removable and washing afterward.

Another reason this one is our favorite is that it is the ideal size for a drinking mug - not oversized and not mini, like some molds out there.

Join us online to learn how to make these creative creations !

Buy It! Freshware Store Silicone Molds (4-pack), $11.99;

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