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Must Know Baking Secrets of the Kids' Baking Championship

We are all about baking at Green Apron Kitchen! And our kids love the Kids Baking Championship series on Food Network.

While binge watching we picked up a few tips that we thought we would share with you.

We're always talking about how all ovens are different. If this is the first time you are using a new oven, be sure to check your dessert a few minutes before scheduled end time to make sure it's baking well - it could be done already!

Decoration makes for the best disguise. If you've got overdone crispy cookies, scrape some off and make an ice cream sandwich. Fondant not rolled smooth enough on your cake? Hide it with a flower.

To be honest, we aren't really sure you can get away with serving a burnt pie, but KBC says if you need to, you can trim the burnt edges off to save a pie crust.

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