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Plan A Cooking Theme Birthday Party For Your Kid

Are you running out of ideas for your kid’s birthday bash? Do you wish you could

unique but freak out at the thought of having shouting kids in your living room or even having a group at all? Are you exhausted of the same old dozens of cupcakes? Are you trying to come up with activities that are fun but not too messy?

The challenge with putting together a kid's birthday party in Brooklyn (where space is not abundant) is the amount of energy needed before and during the event. Have you ever considered cooking classes for kids’ birthday parties? We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind events to celebrate the big day. Not only is it fun, but the kids will take away life long skills.

Let us clarify.

Kids are born chefs:

From an early age, kids sit on a high chair at the kitchen counter watching you cook or bake. Depending on their age, there’re different tasks you can assign them to help out. This starts their love and comfort in the kitchen.

Children love cooking, and that’s good news, particularly if you are trying to plan kids’ birthday parties. Pulling them away from electronics so they can articulate their inventiveness and desire to learn is the best thing you can do as a parent.

Of course, they will learn about foods, kitchen principles, and cooking techniques. Second, they feel more accountable, keen to do well. The simple fact of taking part in dinner preparation is an achievement they’re proud of.

Take advantage of our birthday cooking class for kids:

You just sit back & relax. Green Apron Kitchen takes care of everything. You can enjoy coffee, tea, some deserts while we spend time with your kids, teaching them recipes. Our birthday cooking classes for kids are quite participative, so every child gets in on the action. They not just will leave with some great cooking tips, but they’ll also proudly show their apron & chef hat. Of course, there’ll be a birthday cake with candles to blow out.

Above all, there’ll be a prized memory for all of them to have been a part of the kitchen gang for a couple of hours.

Rather keep the event socially distanced? We can help. We can curate a zoom cooking class, an interactive way to get kids in the kitchen with guided chef instruction and unique recipes. This is our new normal and we aim to make virtual children's birthday parties as much fun as possible!

Feel free to get in touch with Green Apron Kitchen to share your kids cooking

birthday party ideas. We are happy to transform your vision into a culinary masterpiece!

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