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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sweet and delicious, these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies celebrate all the tasty flavors of fall. Perfect for beginners, this recipe uses pumpkin puree and semi-sweet chocolate chips for a fun twist on an old favorite. One recipe makes about 3 dozen cookies.

Pie is great, but one of my favorite ways to use pureed pumpkin is in these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Packed with all my favorite fall flavors (plus chocolate!) these cookies are a hit every time I make them. What I love most about this cookie dough is that it freezes beautifully, so I can shape and store the dough in the freezer, then just pull out a few at a time to bake when I have a craving. Super soft and chewy, these pumpkin cookies are bound to be one of your new favorite fall treats!

Cookie baking supplies When it comes to baking the perfect cookie, having the right tools on hand is almost as important as the ingredients themselves! Here are my must-have supplies for cookie baking:

Nonstick cookie sheet – Available in a variety of sizes, nonstick cookie sheets are a must for getting soft, chewy cookies that don’t spread. While some recipes direct you to grease or cover your sheet with parchment paper, this recipe works best on an ungreased nonstick pan. Not greasing the pan allows your cookies to grip to it as they bake, preventing spreading and allowing your cookies to rise up instead of out. Cookie scoop – Bake uniform cookies with this stainless steel cookie scoop. Having cookies that are all the same size while baking prevents over or underbaking and allows for even heat distribution.

How to prevent cookies from sticking to the pan The secret to no-stick cookies is proper baking and cooling time. As soon as your cookies are done, remove them from the oven and allow them to cool on the pan for 5 minutes. This allows the cookies to set and release from the pan. If the cookies are in the oven for too long, the bottoms may burn, which can cause sticking. If you’re using an aluminum pan or a pan without a nonstick coating, grease your pan with non-stick vegetable spray or line it with parchment paper before baking your cookies.

What to do with leftover pumpkin If you’re using a 15 oz. can of pureed pumpkin, you should have about 1¼ cups of pumpkin left over. Our four legged friends love pumpkin and it’s great for their digestive system. Green Apron Kitchen students love adding it to cheesey ricotta and spicing with nutmeg for homemade pumpkin ravioli. Or add Some to your waffle mix for a fun fall take on breakfast : pumpkin waffles!


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