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Things to Do in Quarantine That Aren't Cooking

Truth be told, the kitchen is our favorite place. But when you've baked all you bake and frosted all you can frost, it might be time to venture into a different room in the house. Here are some ideas for making your quarantine extra fun (or just something to do while your sourdough proofs for 12 hrs ).

Do a free at-home workout.

If you haven't been very active lately or have felt less than motivated to do anything, one probably has a lot to do with the other. We're all kind of overcome with feelings of anxiety, worry, concern.....then at the same time trying to pretend those feelings don't exist. A good way to get over this feeling of, well, mushiness, si to try to get active. Even if you don’t have any workout equipment at home, you can still get endorphins active. Just even 20 minutes of activity will work towards making you feel better. I have three kids so those hikes and walks and all that are more for them then me, so these at home workouts are really important to keeping me from hitting the floor and crying at any random moment. If you have prime, there are some great fitness channels available included in Prime Video. Plus, YouTube stars are offering up fun, free videos too. Here are some other options for free at-home workouts.

  • Peloton (Free 90 day trial and no equipment is necessary)

  • Beachbody- they are offering a free two week trial that converts to a monthly or yearly on-demand membership. But you can also get continuous free access to some "intro" workouts to various programs just by signing up on the website. I've done the Shaun T 20 Min step workout a few times now and still haven't mastered it. It works up a sweat every time and is a nice challenge.

  • Corepower Yoga (Streaming Live classes on YouTube)

  • Obe Fitness (7 day free trial)

  • Fitness Blender - there are loads of free workouts online and there is even a way to focus your workout on specific goals and zones

Start a Family Reading Club

I would love to just curl up on the couch with a book, but I have three kids, so that is not happening. How do I combine my love of reading with family time? Bring the two together. Every night we dedicate about 25 minutes to reading. Every night someone picks something to read together. A book, magazine, graphic novel, whatever. We take turns reading out loud and then either predict what happens when we revisit that person's book or just write down what we thought of it.

I love reading chef autobiographies to them and they have been reminding me how much Judy Blume rocks. We've also tackled the Never Girls series and joined Nancy Drew's Clue Crew.

Wine Tasting

So this only works if your kids are occupied. When society was still social, I loved visiting friends with bottles of wine, each wrapped in their own brown paper bag. Blind tastings are a fun way to try new wines, experience new flavors and just have fun. You can't do this in person anymore but why not get a group of friends together and either mail each other a bottle of wine to taste or each bring one to a zoom and talk and taste together? You can also try some of these websites that hosting some virtual tastings, too.

you might not be able to go to your favorite wine bar, but how about doing a tasting right at home? Its a great way to have some fun while unwinding with a drink or two. Here are some great virtual and blind wine tasting options:

Create a Spa Day

My kids have taught me all about DIYing face masks, bath bombs, soaps and more. So I put them to work to make over the bathroom into a day spa. We took turns doing each other's manicures, washing hair, even giving haircuts (!). Really, you can do whatever you want, the point here is to just relax and have fun. Sit and soak your feet in the tub and tell jokes, ask your kids for a massage, close your eyes... I have even just eye masked it up while they played in the tub with those homemade bath bombs.

Some of these suggestions may force an eye roll or two, but the whole point is to try to use this time to make memories. The anxiety isn't going anywhere, but don't let that be the thing you remember most about having to stay home.

Be well. I miss you all.

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